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Baltistan is the land of highest mountains in North part of Pakistan. Baltistan is separated from Gilgit region by the Islamabad Skardu road that bends its way towards Baltistan valley from KKH at a place called Alam Bridge. The snow capped mountains and lush green fields in summer are the means of beauty of Baltistan valley. Baltistan valley is 14-16 hours drive from Islamabad via Babusar Naran road in summers and 15-17 hours on KKH via Besham Kohistan road in winters. By air flight service is also available to Baltistan from Islamabad subjected to the weather condition.
The language spoken in Baltistan region is Balti a local dialect of the valley. The people of Baltistan are hospitable and friendly to tourists. Baltistan has also most of the famous lakes located in the center of the valleys.

Adventure Tours

Pakistan is one of the countries in the world where adventurers admire to have best experience in adventure. The highest mountain ranges in the North part of the country are best for making your adventure the best and memorable. Adventure tour provides a unique experience to the adventurers in terms of expeditions. Some of the popular spots where we arrange adventure tours are as in bullets below.
• Shandur Pass Jeep Safari
• Trekking to K2 Base Camp
• Adventure Tour to Deosai National Park/Fairy Meadows
• Rush Lake Trekking
• Trekking to Rakaposhi Base Camp
• Passu Glacier Trek
• Trekking to Batura Glacier
• Trekking to Rupal Valley (Nanga Parbat)
• Adventure to Thar Desert and Thatta (Sindh)
• Biafo and Hispar Glacier Trek
• Shimshal Pamir Trek
• Baba Ghundi Shrine Trek
Apart from the above adventure tours to the specified areas we also arrange camel safaris to Cholistan and Thar Desert.

Trekking & Camping

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